Inflatable bouncy castles are a great choice at any party, function, or event and our bouncy castle rental service offers top quality products for guests to enjoy. No matter what array of entertainment you have at your event, bouncy castles will always be popular and will draw in crowds of both children and adults alike. Our bouncy castles for rent come in a variety of sizes and serve different events. Childrens bouncy castles are on a smaller scale and are suitable for small events, with a children’s bouncy castle for hire being suitable in almost any outdoor space, including back gardens. We also have adult bouncy castles that can be enjoyed by both adults and children and you can hire adult bouncy castle for any outdoor event, including weddings, fetes, company functions, family fun days, and more. You can also hire bouncy castle for any event in the country, and we will travel the length and breadth of the UK to deliver, set up, and man the equipment for the duration of your event. An adult bouncy castle is also a popular choice at fundraisers, and our team can take money or tokens from guests as they go onto the bouncy castle.

Our adult bouncy castle hire service offers bouncy castles in a variety of size, which also suits any budget. Our cheap bouncy castles are a budget-friendly way of bringing a fantastic entertainment product to your event without breaking the bank. Bouncy castle hire doesn’t just deliver the standard bouncy castles that we are familiar with seeing, but our bouncy castles for rent also feature other fantastic inflatable entertainment. Our bouncy castles to hire consists of children and adult bouncy castles, as well as giant slides, and assault courses. We have inflatable games such as inflatable basketball, bungee run, human table football, and more. We have a gladiator joust, Velcro wall and a range of simulators including a bucking bronco, surfboard simulator and a rodeo reindeer. We have inflatable products suitable to all events and occasions, as well as offering fantastic adult bouncy castle for hire.

As well as the entertainment we can supply Company fun day equipment to help with every angle of your event. We can help you find a venue and help you manage the entire event. We can supply catering, live music and live entertainers, as well as fairground rides, side stalls, and giant games. We can bring staging and shelter and more, covering all parts of your event.